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In order to pass the first part of the test (theory questions) you must obtain a minimum pass mark of 43 out of 50. You have 57 minutes to complete this part of the test. 

When you have completed the first part you will be given a short period of time to prepare for the second part, the hazard perception test. This second part of the test will last 15 minutes. 

The hazard perception test is used to test your ability to detect developing hazards that appear along the road you are currently travelling. 

The test consists of 14 short film clips in which there will be developing hazards that you will need to identify. 

You will be required to score against 15 developing hazards, thus one of the clips will contain 2 developing hazards that you will need to identify. 

Each hazard that appears will require you to take some form of action if you were driving along the road, being that a change of speed or direction. 

When you notice this type of hazard you are required to click the mouse button to register your score. You must not randomly click the mouse button during the clips are being shown, as this will result in you recording no score for that clip. 

To pass the hazard perception test you must score 44 out of 75. In order to pass the theory test you must pass both the multiple choice questions section and the hazard perception section at the same time. 

When you have completed both parts of the test you will be given the results of each element of the test, and your overall mark at the end before leaving the theory test centre.

Please note, you cannot apply for your practical driving test until you have successfully passed the theory test.

I can provide you with all the help and advice you will require to pass the theory test.

There are several articles that are available to help you pass the theory test that you should study, and these include the following,
The Highway Code
Know your traffic signs
The official DVSA theory test for car drivers (book)
The official DVSA guide to driving – the essential skills (book)
The official DVSA theory test for car drivers (dvd-rom)
The official DVSA guide to Hazard Perception (dvd-rom)

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Theory Test
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency theory test comprises of two parts. The first being 50 multiple-choice questions, and the second part being the hazard perception test (added to the test in November 2002). Both parts of the test are presented to you on a computer screen. At the start of the test you can have an extra 15 minutes to enable you to practice using the computer.