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In order to be able to proceed with any driving lessons you must be able to read a number plate from 20.5 metres. If you require contact lenses or glasses to read a number plate, you must wear these during your driving lessons. 

My lessons are tailored to suit your individual requirements. I can provide you with hourly lessons, in terms of 1 hour, 1.5 hour, or 2 hours.

Lessons prices are as follows:

Standard rate                                                        Students & Apprentices rate
1 hour £34                                                              1 hour £32
1.5 hour £51                                                           1.5 hour £48
2 hour £68                                                              2 hour £64
10 hours block payment £320                                10 hours block payment £320

To qualify for students & apprentices discounted price you must produce a valid student card for proof of being a current student on your first lesson.

(no additional discount is offered on the 10 hours block payment for students & apprentices as they already receive a £2 discount on the standard hourly rate each lesson)
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Before taking any practical driving lessons you must have a current valid driving licence (provisional if a new driver, which can be obtained using, forms D1 and D750 from the Post Office). You will also be required to provide a passport size photograph as all new driving licences are issued as a photocard licence. Current fees for driving licences are shown on form D750.