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Downham Market Town Council organises a two week Festival Carnival that commences on the last Bank Holiday Monday of May each year. On this day a carnival parade of decorated floats progresses from the railway line through the town and finishes at the Howdale. On the Howdale as part of this event there are many display stands of various types and a main arena where artistic displays are performed. 

I first attended this event in the year 2005 and have been to several thereafter.
Whilst at these events I attended with a stand displaying all details about the services provided by my driving school along with my tuition vehicle parked along side it. 

As a special offer on the day I ran free-to-enter multiple choice theory test competitions where you could win yourself free driving lessons with my driving school.

Special promotional discount vouchers on lessons prices were also available on these days. These vouchers were only valid for a limited period of time after the event.

If you had any driving related matters or questions, you would be welcome to approach me and ask whilst I am attended these events. If for whatever reason I am unable to answer your question on the day I would endeavour to make enquires about it and inform you of the outcome at a later date.

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Downham Market          Festival Carnival

Paul’s Driving School geared up to support              Downham Market Festival Carnival
Display stand & tuition vehicle on the Howdale at the Downham Market Festival 2009