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As each new term starts in September at The College Of West Anglia the new students are given a period of time to discover their way around the college prior to the second year students returning to the college.

During this time the college organises a ‘Freshers Fair event’ which provides an opportunity for local businesses and facilities to attend for the day to show the new students what facilities are available to them within the local area.

I first attended this event in the year 2005 and have been to several thereafter.

Whilst at the event my driving school tuition vehicle was displayed in the car park outside the event so the students were able to see what vehicle they would learn to drive in with my driving school.

Inside the hall where the event was held I displayed a stand of all details about the services provided by my driving school.

As a special offer on the day I ran a free-to-enter multiple choice theory test competition where students could win free driving lessons with my driving school.

Special promotional discount vouchers on lessons prices were also available on the day. These vouchers were only valid for a limited period of time after the event.

As this event takes part inside a hall, whilst there I also had a laptop computer where the students could try their skills at the hazard perception part of the theory test. This gave the students an insight into what to expect when they take their actual theory test.

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Paul’s Driving School geared up to support the new             students at The College Of West Anglia

Display stand at Fresher’s Fair Event September 2009, at The College Of West Anglia, Kings Lynn
Display stand at Freshers Fair Event September 2012, at The College Of West Anglia, Kings Lynn

Display stand at Freshers Fair Event September 2013, at The College Of West Anglia, Kings Lynn